Rylan’s 1st shoot!

On March 26, 2017, Rylan Amari had her first professional photo shoot. I was so excited to get these done….finally! During the shoot, we (the photographer and I) got a chance to go through all of Rylan’s emotions. She went from very excited about the flashes to “I’m Over It” after about an hour, which isn’t bad. When Rylan began crying and crawling to mommy, we got really creative. It got to the point where I was playing peekaboo constantly to keep her smiling. And she did! Baby girl did so well at smiling at the camera. See for yourself:


Thank you Studio 717 and Photographer Courtney Webb!

20170326-IMG_2359 copy20170326-IMG_2381 copy20170326-IMG_2393 copy20170326-IMG_2370-2 copy20170326-IMG_2376 copy20170326-IMG_2393 copy2

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