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Muva Memorial Day: Dart Guns, Breastmilk, Tofu, and Target.

Muva Memorial Day: Dart Guns, Breastmilk, Tofu, and Target.

Pre Memorial Day: Rylan’s first Memorial Day was a cookout with relatives (Unc Robert and his family) in TN! It was great! So great that she was KNOCKED OUT before we got in the car to go home: The cookout was one like a family reunion: […]

Muva in a day: kombucha, dandelions, and daycare

Muva in a day: kombucha, dandelions, and daycare

Today I had Dandelion Tea and Green Tea Kombucha. Dandelion is said to have numerous health benefits such as aid in the digestive system, cleanses the liver, is a natural diuretic (makes you pee a lot), prevents UTI, and and even fights diabetes. It also […]

Dope Vegan Spotlight, Bridget

Dope Vegan Spotlight, Bridget

Yes, folks, Dope Vegan Spotlight is exactly what it sounds. It’s space to highlight the dopest vegans out there. I’m kicking  it off with someone that gave me the soft push to become vegan, BRIDGET. 

Bridget lives in LA and works at PETA2. She has adopted a Pitbull named Tank and has been vegan for 5.5 years!


I met Bridget at Fisk while she was visiting with People for the Ethcial Treatment of Animals 2. SETA hosted an event by PETA2 titled, “iChicken” Virtual Reality”. Bridget was on the tour crew that visited the school. After the event, Bridget and I had a short yet meaningful talk about animal rights and she convinced me to go vegan by telling me facts (about casein and more). How DOPE is that?  Welp, folks, now it time for you to meet Bridget.

I asked her a few questions I thought you’d want to know, even as strangers. The questions that many wonder but sometimes never ask. 

Bridget, why in this galaxy are you vegan? Growing up in South Carolina, I mostly ate meals that consisted of fatty and cholesterol-laden meat, dairy foods, and eggs. Even the vegetables were typically cooked with some sort of meat or animal stock. I didn’t think twice about who I was eating or what I was putting in my body—and I considered the food that I ate to be part of my “Southern belle” identity. But that changed the first time I saw a chicken transport truck driving down the highway. That was the first time I made the connection that the nuggets on my plate were the remains of a living being. Not long afterward, I became close friends with a vegetarian (who was probably the first veg person I’d ever met and is still my best friend eight years later). Around the same time, I got involved in my local music scene, where many of the people were vegan. Lots of bands I listened to had veg members, and it opened a whole new world for me. Being around so many compassionate people who didn’t eat animals showed me how easy it is to swap out cow’s milk for nondairy milk and eat vegan meats instead of flesh.

What’s your fav vegan food? It’s so hard to pick one fave (because this girl loves to eat!), but the meal I get the most excited about lately is the spicy ramen at a restaurant in Los Angeles called Ramen Hood. It’s an all vegan spot that even offers up a vegan egg! I go eat there nearly every Sunday and every time I’m just as excited as the first time I ever tried it. The broth is so rich and creamy and the oyster mushrooms are out of this world!Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 8.20.00 PM.png

What’s your 30 second “vegan elevator speech”? 
It’s overwhelming to think about how much injustice exists in this world and the vast amount of work that still needs to be done. We’re already eating 3 times a day. The number one way animals are tortured and abused is for food, so choosing vegan is the most surefire way to help save them. Why not choose the option that will cause the least suffering to ALL living beings (remember many slaughterhouse workers are also suffering and toxic factory farm waste disproportionately affects low income communities of color), helps the planet and is better for our health? After all, we’re already eating anyway!


What did you eat for breakfast? This morning I had an English muffin with peanut butter and cherry chai jam and an orange!



Thanks for being dope and loving animals Bridget!

Muva’s Maternity 

Muva’s Maternity 

      Not everyone will see this as art. But, I do, and it is. September 2015 I found out I was pregnant. I was in my senior year of college and just found out I get accepted into the Peace Corps, my dream […]

Muva’s 1st Muva’s day 

Muva’s 1st Muva’s day 

Or my second, depending on how you look at it. You see, last year around this time I was pregnant and still received the generous overflow of “happy first Mother’s Day” wishes. Although, last years praises were more in abundance, this muva’s day was just […]

Q and A w/muvatofu

Q and A w/muvatofu

Let’s talk it up. Ask me your questions, tell me your concerns, anonymously if you wish.

Here’s how:

DM on instagram @muvatofu

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Q: How to you create a vegan baby diet while still being sure that the baby is receiving all of it’s necessary nutrients?

A: Thanks for this question! I actually get this question a lot and I love responding because the answer is simple: “Eat your veggies!” Those three words are all we hear as a kid.  My kid loves veggies as a result! Any kid, vegan or not, needs to eat a balanced meal. Many vegan meals provide than the daily recommended amount of nutrition. What about protein? Veggie proteins include tempeh, tofu, seiten, beans, and more.

So to answer the question in short, I don’t do anything extra to make sure she has the right amount of nutrients than an Omni mom would do. I know she’s getting enough because she’s happy, healthy, and she’s “eating her veggies”. Like all kids, vegan babies are healthy babies if they are eating their rainbow. Which is mainly fruits and veggies. I like to say eating animals is high blood pressure and heart disease! Hahaaaa. But seriously, remember the strongest animals are vegan. (Gorilla, ape, elephant, rhino, hippo, wildabeest). Let’s let our kids grow strong with plants 😏💪🏾🥕🌽. More avocados less burgers!

Also, remember vegan isn’t a diet,it’s a lifestyle. Instead of viewing veganism as a diet or restriction of certain foods, let’s view it as an abundance of fruits, veggies, legumes, beans, grains, and the list goes on.

It is rumored that children are natural vegetarians. Remember babies first foods are fruits and veggies. 



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