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Not everyone will see this as art. But, I do, and it is.

September 2015 I found out I was pregnant. I was in my senior year of college and just found out I get accepted into the Peace Corps, my dream job. I was set to leave America for Africa in June.
But God told me to hold on, he has something bigger planned.
My body started feeling different. Not physically different but just different. I could feel the life growing inside of me. Plus, I missed my period! But besides that, I just knew.

I needed to confirm. After grabbing a test at the Walgreens up the street from Fisk U. I headed to the dorm. Walking up to the dorm, I saw my then-boyfriend’s sister and Rylan’s aunt, Ameara in the parking lot. We chatted it up and she said she wanted to hang out. She had no idea that I had two preggo test in my bag. I hid them.

After we head to my room, I leave Ameara and go to the community  bathroom in the dorm. Yes, community bathroom. I pee on the stick. In less than a second, a positive shows. I freak out. This can’t be true. No way. I’m not pregnant. I run fast towards my room. The preggo test drops! One of my residents (oh yeah I was an RA by the way) passes me by and speaks. I pick up the test and continue down the hall. Ameara is in there chilling. By now, I have a flustered look in my face and I tell her what’s up. She’s looks calm yet confused. She tells me to take the second test. I go back to the bathroom. Minutes later I come back to the room. “I’m pregnant”.

“You got to tell D” she says.
Welp, I give the news to Dari and now, here we are, 18 months later with a gorgeous, intelligent, and wild baby girl. The center of our worlds. My love!
Being pregnant with Rylan was not easy, but we made it through! I walked across the stage 8 months pregnant and got my degrees!

Check out my maternity shoot here:

Many may not see this as art and many will. It is art, its beauty, and most importantly, it’s natural. Enjoy and digest.

Photography by Joseph Patrick 

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