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QUICK Vegan Cheeze Sauce 

QUICK Vegan Cheeze Sauce 

There’s soooo many vegan cheeze sauce recipes out there. Many of them call for numerous ingredients and it gets pricey! This one uses less that won’t break the bank.  I found cashews at Target for about $4. The nutritional yeast is another pricey ingredient that […]

Bonnaroo for Babies is a thing, First Birthday!

Bonnaroo for Babies is a thing, First Birthday!

The theme was “BonnaRY Birthday Fest.”  Think Bonnaroo for babies! I had plans to do relay races and so much but the sun baked us in! Read more about the party below.
A week before the party and after pay day, I noticed that there was only $60 in my bank account. $60! I started to panic as I only had a week to put together Rylan’s first birthday. Dipping into my savings couldn’t happen, as that is only for desperate emergencies. So $60 it was. Two days later, I would need to travel out of town for a funeral and get an oil change. Family took care of the gas and I got the oil change with a credit card. After the price of food, there was $47 left. Taco Bell is to blame! Then I lost my credit card. While searching for a lost credit card, I came acros a gift card in the bushes. The gift card was old, cracked, and very dirty but I had a good feeling about it. After checking the balance, there was $101 on it! That meant I had about $150 to go towards Rylan’s elaborate party I was planning. This was a challenge that I saw as very doable. I’ve been through tougher situations.

Parties can be super frugal. Here’s how I pulled it off. The cakes? I made them. One for Rylan to smash into and another for guest. I used vegan recipes and they turned out DELICOUS:

Healthy Smash Cake with Avocado frosting(top), Vanilla Birthday Cake (bottom) 

Here’s the recipe for the vanilla cake that I highly highly highly recommend: Yummy Cake Recipe. The healthy smash cake recipe is on this link. My sister put the smash cake together and it tasted wonderful. I covered it with an avocado frosting. The flowers were discounted “Managers Special” at Kroger.

So the cakes were homemade so the cost was much cheaper than buying a vegan cake for $30 at Whole Foods. Now onto the real cost: food, drinks, and miscellaneous.

For food, we ate Buddha Bowls:

This consisted of Kale, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, red onions, rice, and avocado. My favorite meal! Most of the veggies were bought with WIC and are not includedin the dollar amount. The cost came from the seasonings for the Veggies like Cumin, Beverages, the tahini, and other items I didn’t have.

Like the cakes, this was prepared the morning of the party! It was really simple to make, except for the tahini sauce. Guest really loved the food choices, especially the chickpeas. My daughters dad did bring in Pizza though, to give non-veggie lovers an option. The food and food items were about $75 while miscellaneous items (bubbles, and to go bags) took the rest of the funds. The to go bags or “thank you” bags looked like this:

They aren’t actually bags, only called that in the spirit of tradition. They cost $1 for two and came in different colors. I loved the ceramic feel of it! Clothes didn’t cost a thing.​ Yes! Rylan had 3 outfit changes! None of the clothes were bought new, they were in her closet. Talk about saving money!

Ok up next, the actual party!!!! Let’s talk about how much fun it was amidst all of the planning stress!


This smile was what was most important.

We played in the pool:

When singing Happy Birthday, Rylan had the most beautiful, special, grateful, smile on her face. All of our happy, singing voices must have really touched her. This was SUCH a special moment:

The cake smash immediately following the singing of Happy Birthday. Rylan didn’t actually smash it, though her foot got into it as she ran away from the cake!After the smash we hung out, cleaned up, and said our goodbyes…

This tent was bought used for $15 on either Offer Up or Facebook Marketplace. It was originally from Target for about $70. 

Her party was on Saturday but Rylan officially turned 1 today, June 18. It also happens to be Fathers Day today. I spent it with my dad and immediate family at the Farmers Market! We tried yummy drinks from The Fountain of Juice.


That’s Keira telling us all about the energy in the drinks.
Then Ry and I shared a plate of Curry Tofu, rice and beans, and plaintains from JamaicaWay. They have yummy veggie options!

Rylan eating Curry Tofu, Rice and Beans, and Plaintains
Brother Alex and his Girlfirend, Bri
Sister Sierra is sooo over it! haha



Lastly, we visited the Gardens of Babylon. My dad took the best pics of Ry and I! You know, those pics that only your best friend know how to or want to take? Yesssss, those! He took a bunch at different angles. It doesn’t get better than that! Check them out.

Right now, it is 11:30pm and I type while Rlylan is sleping ever-so calmly. She is offically ONE! My head is trying to wrap around it. This time last year, I would have been still in the hospital, getting drugged up to stop the pain of “after birth.” This time last year, I would be holding and loving on my bundle of joy. My Rylan Amari Fisher, who is officially one.

Oh yeah! Before we say good night, she took 5 steps today. That’s insane! I am so proud of her and lucky to be able to see her grow. Goodnight everyone I wish you many praises that turn to blessings.


God is GOOD!


Who wants Avocado cake?

Who wants Avocado cake?

Yummy cake made from what? Hmmmm. You aren’t ready! Let’s talk. So what happens when you put a bunch of vegans together in the same vacinity? Your best guess might be wrong.  They eat!!! On June 12 on a rainy slightly cloudy afternoon,  I joined […]

Could this be the most positive person that walked the world?

Could this be the most positive person that walked the world?

The last message my cousin sent me reads, “In this world. You either sale something or work for someone who does.” He’s known as #RichlikeLee, Richard Lee Ragland the 3rd, or Trey, as my family calls him.  Trey, was my first cousin on my dad’s […]

Shea Moisture has no competition with THIS PRODUCT. 

Shea Moisture has no competition with THIS PRODUCT. 

So let’s talk about that commercial. Yes the controversial commercial that has 4A-4C natural hair gals snapping our fingers and rolling our eyes in disbelief. The commercial that slapped us in the face with a “you’re not good enough to be in this one boo”. The commercial that dared to exclude us from its image when it was most convienant. All for the sake of expanding its customer base. 

You see, the problem is not with Shea Moisture expanding its customer base. Nope. The problem is how it chose to go about it. The commercial ignored the issues that African American women with thick textured hair face daily. It chose to exclude its minority customer base that has fought ever so bravely for it through YouTube videos and more. Oh, the betrayal is real.

Well, after viewing that commercial I knew I could no longer go hard for a product that doesn’t go hard for me. Thus, I began a journey to find a replacement. And I did. In fact, its better!

Nappturals and beyond, meet Kinky Curly

When one stumbles upon their website, you are automatically hit with inclusion: 

BAM!!! You get a black girl, on the beach, looking happy with the words, Go Natural. Man it doesn’t get better than this.

Oh wait, it does! It gets better. Let me zoom in for you: 

That little blue box tells it all, and it’s all love! Let’s keep on. 

While the products listed under the “Shop” section aren’t as cheap as Shea Moisture, they are simple and work great. 

I tried out the fabulous, cruelty-free, simple pleasant smelling, Kinky Curling Custard.

This product was Essence Magazine, #1 “Beauty Best Sellers List” 2008. I’m expecting the popularity to rise very soon as it’s a GO TO for natural hair.

Let’s check out the ingredients.

That’s some good stuff. It feels smooth and your hair doesn’t get crunchy after use. It leaves it with a shiny luster. 

An 8 oz jar cost about $17 which is pricey, but you are guaranteed results. 

​​My hair is about a 4c. I can’t wait to explore all of there products. The custard is currently sold out on the official site but is available at Target, Walmart, and most beauty supply stores. Check out online pricing on Jet, overstock, and more.
Have you tried Kiny Curly before? 

Have you found a replacement for Shea Moisture or still using the same product? Let me know in the comment section!

You Don’t Have The Balls of a Single Mom…Pros and Cons 

You Don’t Have The Balls of a Single Mom…Pros and Cons 

I’ve spoken to numerous single moms. I’ve heard their complaints. We vented it out. Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about single parenthood, specifically the “Single Mom”. So what is a single mom? Well, I looked it up, (because that’s a thing that’s normal now-a-days) […]

Dope Vegan Spotlight – The Fruit Goddess

Dope Vegan Spotlight – The Fruit Goddess

Now we are up for a second round of DVS. This Dope Vegan Spotlight or DVS is a focus on a vegan that eats very well and travels often! Her #foodie pictures are vivid in color and full of flavor to a point that we […]

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