Dope Vegan Spotlight – The Fruit Goddess

Now we are up for a second round of DVS. This Dope Vegan Spotlight or DVS is a focus on a vegan that eats very well and travels often! Her #foodie pictures are vivid in color and full of flavor to a point that we wish we could live inside her instagram account. One could imagine! This dope Vegan is none other than Andrea, THE Fruit Goddess!
I know what you’re thinking, in that thinker of yours, “But Muva, what’s so special about Andrea?” Oh, but I’m glad you asked! She takes a bowl and sprinkles magic inside. 

The best part? It’s all freaking vegan! It’s also healthy and looks better than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.๐Ÿ˜  She is also mama to a German and Belgium Sheperd, Kiri (pictured below).
Anyways, enough talking, let’s see some pics! Follow Andrea around the world with these amazing photos. First stop? Morocco!

Colors of Morocco(top), Pink smoothie (middle), typical Moroccan breakfast in the Riad

Up next ? Alicante and Barcelona, Spain!

Easter vegan pancakes (top), breakfast bowl (middle), blue spirulina oats and watermelon (bottom)

Why stop in Spain? Let’s go to… Italy!

Blue spirulina smoothie (top), Matcha oats with fruit (middle)

Onto Austria!

Green smoothie bowl

Ok ok enough traveling for now, let’s talk!! I asked Andrea a few questions that I’m sure a lot of the veg community would want to know. This is why she’s dope folks! Listen up!

โค๏ธFav vegan Meal? 

Any good vegan meal! Especially green bowls or pasta

โค๏ธHow long ya been vegan?

I started being vegetarian 6 years ago and vegan a year ago, best decision ever.

โค๏ธWhere are you from ? I’m from Alicante, Spain

โค๏ธWhat did you eat for dinner? I had sweet potatoes with guacamole.


โค๏ธFav vegan Meal?

Any good vegan meal! Especially green bowls or pasta

โค๏ธHow did you “go” vegan?

I’ve been surrounded by animals since I was a kid and I started watching videos about farm animals and how they were treated, and I decided that I wasn’t going to be part of it. Every animal deserve to be loved and not because they were born in a farm they deserve to become a meal. I started looking for more information about vegetarianism/veganism, and that’s how I started. Every action counts and being part of the change makes me feel happier.

Ok folks that just about does it. Follow Andrea’s personal instagram account @andreatorressz ๐Ÿ˜€

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