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The EASY Way to Start Cloth Diapering in 7 Steps

The EASY Way to Start Cloth Diapering in 7 Steps

Cloth diapering saves money, the environment, and your baby’s bum! You can save $600+ a year by cloth diapering. Imagine never buying a box of diapers again! Cloth diapering also saves thousands of disposables from ending up in landfills. Lastly, cloth diaper babies are less […]

Honeybuns Cloth Diaper Review

Honeybuns Cloth Diaper Review

One thing I love is a good DIY. It shows how "handy" (get it 😂) a person is if you can do-it-yourself. I haven't started down the road of attempting to create cloth diapers, but I know of a company that does: Honeybuns Cloth Diapers […]

Dope Vegan Spotlight: Veg Head

Dope Vegan Spotlight: Veg Head

"I remember sharing with my doctor about doing a plant based diet and he laughed and said that won't keep you sick. That was almost 4years ago and I haven't been back to see him."

That quote is from our most recent DVS: Dope Vegan Spotlight. It goes to none other than VEGHEAD!! 

Those wings above? Made by this plant based queen from cauliflower! 

VegHead is a mobile juicer in Atlanta, Georgia. Her client base is international and some are even well-known! She also makes delicious healthy smoothie bowls (see below) , vegan donuts (also below), vegan comfort food, and more.

A grocery haul from VegHead looks like this:

And her smoothies turn out like this:

Hungry yet? I thought so! Here's a nut milk recipe from her IG:

Want to know more about why she's so dope? I asked questions that I knew you'd want to know! 

Muva T: What made you go vegan?

VegHead: What made me go plant based was simply research. I suffered with sinuses for years. I had to take antibiotics and steroid shots every 4 to 6 months. It wasn't until I started researching dairy and meat that's where I saw it was doing more damage than good. Dairy was creating tons of mucus in my body. My body was resisting it. I remember sharing with my doctor about doing a plant based diet and he laughed and said that won't keep you sick. That was almost 4years ago and I haven't been back to see him.

Muva T: What do you do for fun?

VegHead: One of my fave hobbies serving helping others . I love cooking plant based foods for meat eaters. They are my target group.

Muva T: What did you have for lunch?

VegHead: Actually I'm currently cleansing so I'm not consuming any food. Today I had my watermelon juice that I made ! Which was refreshing ! 

Muva T: How long ya been vegan?

VegHead: I've been plant-based for 3 years now. 

As you can see VegHead is super dope!! Interested in purchasing her juices, go hit up her IG! Find her page @ _veghead_ !

Dealing with the PostPartum Monster: Anxiety (PPA)

Dealing with the PostPartum Monster: Anxiety (PPA)

Dealing with Postpartum Anxiety. Lock the door. Lock it again. And again.  Lock the dishwasher. Baby breathing? Check the car, is baby in there? Is baby breathing? There are so many people are discussing Postpartum Depression that when you hear Postpartum Anxiety, it seems foreign. […]

5 Reasons we are Crazy AF for SZA

5 Reasons we are Crazy AF for SZA

SZA is music BAE….. here’s only 5 reasons why: June 9, 2017, the fire album Ctrl was dropped by artist SZA. Since then, it’s hit #3 on Billboard 200 and sold more than 600,000 album unit sales. One of her most popular songs is Love […]

Cosleeping Muva 

Cosleeping Muva 

Alone. In the crib. On their back. Nothing else in the crib. No blankets. No toys.

Newborn. Cold. Lonely. Against their instinct. Dark. Newborn.

This is the ABCs of baby sleep.

When I was pregnant, I just knew I would follow that religiously. In order to do it, I read up on Baby Wise, the baby sleep bible. I read the book and felt so confident about having baby sleep in crib. The book teaches a different method than cry-it-out, in which it disbands “cry it out”. I thought to myself, “The method is gold and fault free. I just know it will work.”

Fast forward to June 18: Rylan is born.

In the hospital, Rylan sleeps through the entire day, like any human that has its first day on Earth after being transported through another humans body.  She sleeps in her bassinet provided by the hospital. We are already off to a good start.
The crib is already set up at home.

I follow the Baby Wise advice, “put your baby down when they’re drowsy and not sleep”. I also move the crib right next to bed, like in the hospital. Rylan wakes up after about 10 mins of sleeping in the crib. I hold her then put her back down. She wakes back up. We keep this going until I’m too tired and simply let her sleep with me. I try this for about 5 weeks. She slept through the night without waking once and it was the best, although I woke up with very engorged breast. That must have been a spare of the moment day, because it didn’t happen again. I eventually gave up and Rylan slowly but surely made her way into mama (and daddy’s at the time) bed permantely. And the crib became a play pen!

Weeks go by and after a pediatrician visit. It ended with a shameful conversation on the dangers of cosleeping. After this, that same night, I try crib training again. I use the same method. It works out ok. I leave Rylan in the crib next to my bed, with an arm touching her arm through the rails. At this point I really just want to have her next to me and I’m sure she’d love mothers warmth. But society deems it wrong…..

Eventually I ran across a video of a doctor disputing the “dangers of cosleeping” that many other doctors claim. After this, feeling so inspired yet validated, I stopped sleep training.

The video stated that cosleeping should be analyzed case by case. Every family is not the same. If these traits or actions do NOT apply to the mother or father, cosleeping should not be shamed away: smoke, drink, and sleep unsafely. He even said that breastfeeding mothers especially shouldn’t be shamed for cosleeping as it supports the longevity of breastfeeding in all. Moms and dads brain alters to having a baby in bed and eventually “fix” to accommodate a small child.

I don’t smoke or drink. When I sleep, I stay in about the same position. I am also breastfeeding. This makes me ideal to bed share. I also make sure that I’m always face to face with Rylan while sleeping. That makes sure I don’t role over her. It seems like a small fix, but it works. 

Babies use their instincts to stay close to the smell of milk. Even at night, the baby will not linger far from mama. The smell of milk keeps them close. I’ve noticed this first hand. I worry less that Rylan will fall off the bed when I am laying on it because she gets close to me at night. She crawls back to my breast to feed during the night also. This is true in animals. It is chemical and biological!  If I am not there, she wakes up to find me. This also happens in the morning.
I’m glad to be right next to her when she’s ill. She wakes up in the middle of the night if her fever is too high and we take a lukewarm bath and get medicine. She couldn’t warn me of a sickness if she wasn’t sleeping right next to me, waking me up with a slap on the face or kiss on the cheek.

I must also  remember that the days I have with baby Rylan won’t last forever. She’ll grown up. One day she’ll be a teenager and not want me to even take her to school. One day she’ll want to go out with friends instead of snuggle with me. When that day comes, I’ll know that I got all of my snuggles out while Rylan was still young and loving me to the fullest. I’ll be prepared and hopefully by then, I’ll be ready to let her go.


Our bond is so strong. As I sleep beside her, we connect. Her breathing is regulated through mine. Our hearts beating together. My little girl is one year and that is 365+ days of snuggles to sleep! I know cosleeping won’t last forever, but until then, I love every minute of it. Meet the 3 “criteria” and think it’s right for you? Think of this: Life is short, snuggle them!



Are you a cosleeping, bed-sharing, Muva? Share this and follow me! Let’s discuss in the comment section below.


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