The EASY Way to Start Cloth Diapering in 7 Steps

Cloth diapering saves money, the environment, and your baby’s bum!

You can save $600+ a year by cloth diapering. Imagine never buying a box of diapers again!
Cloth diapering also saves thousands of disposables from ending up in landfills.
Lastly, cloth diaper babies are less prone to diaper rash due to the increased airflow of the diapers. An added bonus, because cloth diaper babies know the difference between being wet and dry very well, it is easier to potty train them! See more amazing reasons to cloth diaper by reading up on this cool article.

Cloth diapering (CD) can be easy following 7 easy steps. Before I started CD, I read many articles that had just TOO much information. I’m here to skim it down to just bones of what you need to know. Here’s how to cloth diaper, the easy way!

I reccomend buying almost everything used! Follow the links below if you would rather have everything new.

There’s 7 steps:
1. Buy One Size diapers
2. Buy microfiber inserts
3. Buy a wet bag or two
4. Buy a portable washer (skip this if you already own a washing machine)
5. Get a cloth diaper sprayer
6.Buy a drying rack (skip this if you have a dryer).
7. Put the diaper on baby correctly and enjoy!

Now let’s talk!


Buy your diapers. People will tell you there’s many kinds of cloth diapers and choose which one will work best for you. They’ll give you an entire list from diaper covers to prefolds, fitted, blah blah blah.

I’m here to tell you the easiest form of cloth diapering out there, which is with One Size. They will last you long until potty training and they are easiest to maintain.

Where to buy:

Be careful where you buy your cloth diapers from. After I built my stash, I found a listing for about 20 cloth diapers for $20. I thought that price was too good to be true. I bought them. After using on Rylan once, I noticed the diapers were very poor quality. The pee went straight through. They were a mix of homemade diapers, no brand-name, and some were a brand that is not really known by most people. I would recommend that you make sure you are purchasing quality diapers. I kept those diapers to only use at home if I get behind on washing the normal stash and need diapers. I’ll also use them if we go out of town and I need a lot of backup diapers. They will only work if you stuff them with heavy-duty inserts.

I built my stash of about 30 diapers for under $100 by buying from Amazon and OfferUp.


This link leads you to the place I bought some of my cloth diapers. These are brand new all-in-one diapers that won’t break your bank, but they are made of great material. I highly, highly, HIGHLY, recommend. Here’s the link! LBB diapers are an awesome affordable option. I even use these overnight, with about 3 inserts stuffed into it.

OfferUp/Facebook Marketplace/LetGo:

There is a negative stigma about using used cloth diapers. People imagine poop, pee, and worse, that were there before, just marinating in the diaper. But that isn’t the case. If the previous owner took care of them and stripped them before selling them, then you strip them, then they are like brand new. Stripping cloth diapers sometimes include bleach, antibacterial soap, or a natural mix of lemon juice, peroxide, and detergent.

Buying used diapers will save you money. Here’s how to do it: search Cloth diapers in any of the above sites. Look for a stash that is fairly priced. I’ve bought about 20 diapers with inserts included for $40 before. That was an amazing price. Any stash over $100 that is sold used online IS NOT WORTH IT. Either talk them down to $50 or pass the offer. Remember they are used, and should not break the bank.

After you buy the diapers, wash them in hot water with a little bit of bleach, antibacterial hand soap, and detergent twice. Warning: don’t use bleach on diapers too much, you will ruin them. Only use during the stripping process. Then wash in normal laundry detergent on cold or warm wash to remove bleach twice. Then wahlah, your diapers are stripped, and good as new.


Buy your inserts. If your diapers didn’t come with inserts, you’ll need to buy some. You also want to have more than enough inserts. If you have 20 diapers, get 30-50 inserts. This is because the amount you will use will double or triple as baby gets older. I will break this down in step 3.

There are different kind of inserts. The ones I recommend are the microfiber inserts or charcoal. I DO NOT recommend bamboo. I have some and they were a waste of money. They are flimsy, which means they don’t stay in place when placed in the diaper. They also do not hold a lot of pees, which means more changes.

The cheapest way to get ahold of affordable and good quality inserts is to buy used!

Search Facebook Marketplace,  OfferUp, or LetGo. Type Cloth diaper in the search engine and look at the results. Also search cloth diaper inserts and look at results. Microfiber and bamboo are great options. Bamboo is the best but usually cost a lot more. Microfiber is also great. 2 Microfiber inserts equals about the same absorbency as 1 bamboo insert. Bamboo also dries faster after a wash.

If you want to buy new inserts, use this link to browse them.

Here’s my simple formula for determining how many inserts to insert into a diaper. I’ve added in options for different types of inserts in case you opted to try out multiple. If you only purchased microfiber, good for you! My baby girl is a heavy wetter so if your is too, try this out:

Diaper change every 2-3 hours

Newborn-6 months:

1 GOOD insert (microfiber or charcoal) or 2 regular inserts (bamboo or hemp)

6 months-1 year

2 inserts (any kind)

1-2 years

2 GOOD inserts or 3 inserts (1 regular + 2 microfiber) or (1 charcoal + 2 bamboo)

Or skip all this and just stuff the diaper how you see fit!



Wet bags are essential for cloth diapering. It keeps the diapers moist so that the stains are easier to take out when washing. They also hold in all the funk of your diapers.

Get a wet bag for home and a wet bag for travel/daycare. Your home wet bag will need to be large. It will hold the diapers that you dump in after daycare, traveling, or from baby being home. I recommend not waiting more than 2 days to clean diapers but if you have a large enough stash, you can wait a MAX of three when the wet bag is full.
Here’s some links to buy:

Large wet bag for home
Travel wet bag


Get a washer.

I bought a portable washer used online for about $130. It’s amazing. It is Haier brand. If you already have a washing machine, skip this and use that! If you don’t have one, I suggest buying used! If you’d rather spend more money for a new product, check out this link.


Get a cloth diaper sprayer. You will need it around 6 months when baby’s poop get rough smelling and chunkier. I waited to get one until 6 months because my breastfed baby’s poop was runny as pee. She started solids at 6 moths and they made her poop no-so-runny anymore.
I, again, bought this used for $10. I searched online for cloth diaper sprayer and found someone selling it. You can buy a new one here if you’d like: link.
Remember to turn off the water when toilet sprayer is not in use !


After washing your diapers , you can either hang them to dry or use an actual dryer.
To save money on the electric bill and the money to purchase a dryer, I air dry instead.
I bought a wooden drying rack from Bargain Hunt. You can find one at a local Walmart or purchase here, on this link.
You can wash about 2-3 days worth of diapers on that!


AHhhh my favorite step is to simply put the diaper on baby! Adjust the all-in-one to fit snug around baby’s legs and looser around baby’s waist. The main focus is around the legs so that nothing falls out. I usually use one button as a reference point when putting it on my baby. I got to the third button or snap. If baby raises his or her leg, you don’t want to be able to see skin. Tighten the diaper just enough so that the upper and inner thighs are properly closed in.
Once it’s on right, have a party with your newly clothed, fluffy bun and adorable baby!!

Like this diaper? It is from HoneyBuns Cloth diapers!! Check out my review of this company by visiting this link.

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