Tofu Bake with Roasted Farmer’s Market Veggies

The best food is local. Vegetables harvested with care and brought to the public to indulge is at the basis of today’s loving society. I took a trip to the Nashville Farmers Market (FM). While there, I found heirloom tomatoes, ears of corn, potatoes, and kale. I bought these veggies from a black woman, a Hispanic child, and a black man. Buying local supports many cultures! I took these local treasures and put together a Tofu Bake for my daughter Rylan and me.

Local vegetables taste and look better. Check it out:

There’s so many possibilities with this bunch of veggies. I started off wanting to make vegetable chili and ended up doing something very different: a Tofu Bake with Roasted FM Veggies.

Follow the photos below to see how it’s made.


  • A pick of your choice veggies

Example: squash, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, handful of corn (see above photo, one of each)

  • Veggie broth
  • One Block of Tofu (extra firm)


And there you have it, Tofu Bake with Farmer’s Market Veggies!

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