One Breakfast Hack That Could Change The Way You Eat Cereal

You could have never told me that I’d be eating my cereal like this, but now I’m so happy that I finally do. I know what you’re thinking, “What is Muva Tofu up to now?” or “What’s that brown stuff in that cereal?”. Here’s my breakfast hack for those short on time and/or resources.¬†You’re not doing breakfast right if you haven’t tried this with coffee.This trick won’t work for all cereals, but it sure works great with Frosted Flakes!

I decided to experiment my breakfast routine. It usually consist of a bowl of cereal¬†with soy milk next to a cup of hot coffee. The cereal ranges each week from Life, Raisin Bran, and Fruity Pebbles. This week’s cereal is Frosted Flakes!


This is how it all started.

I go into the kitchen and grab a bowl and spoon to accompany my cereal. I go in the fridge. One carton of soymilk has only a small amount in it, not enough to even cover the cereal. I look for more milk. There’s Pea Milk but it has gone bad! I honk to add water but realize how disgusting that would taste, as I am Big on flavor. I look over and there’s coffee……

This is when the big discovery happens!

I take the coffee pot and look at it.
To myself, I think of adding it to the cereal instead of milk. It could be gross. It could be a total waste. I add the cereal in. Then the coffee. It’s still hot. Since there’s a bit of milk already in there, the coffee is not as dark as one would expect. The Frosted Flakes also provide a sweetness to the mix. Its a perfect cup of coffee mixed into a perfect bowl of cereal! I never liked cold milk so the warm was of the coffee is perfect.


While I’m taking these photos, the cereal gets soggy. Oddly enough, I LOVE soggy cereal. Crunchy cereal is just too much work!

I bite into the coffee flavored Frosted Flakes and fall in love.

I immediately add more Flakes to the coffee. It’s like the first time I tasted coffee Vegan Gelato and fell in love.

Ok. Now it’s your turn. Skip the extra dishes and add your coffee to your bowl instead. For plain cereal like Bran Flakes, add a little sugar!

I don’t recommend this for fruity cereals. Now that would just taste weird! Haha.

Have a weird breakfast mix of your own? Share it with me in the comments!

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