How To Go Vegan Right Now, Simple Guide to a Plant-Based Diet

Going vegan has never been easier

This is 5 easy steps to totally transform your life by eating cleaner and healthier through a plant-based diet. Get started on your vegan journey today!

In the world’s population, more and more people are becoming vegan. The truths behinds many businesses that use animals for entertainment (zoos, circus, television), food, clothing, or experiment, have been revealed. Nutrition education is getting better, in that, people are realizing that vegans get plenty of protein, vitamins, and nutrients, simply by eating plant-based. Companies are listening and following suit. You can even get many vegan products in Wal-Mart now! There are even 2,016 vegan cruelty free beauty companies reported by PETA in 2016.

Vegan products have been flying off the shelves since the 2017 documentary, What The Health. You might have even found yourself to this page as a result of the film. Or maybe you’re just tired of consuming dead animals, paying for slaughter, and supporting a gruesome, horrific industry. Well, to that, I say a huge, WELCOME!

Veganism is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I am sure you will come to feel this as well. Keep in mind, veganism is a lifestyle. Plant-based is the food. Today, I will cover the basics of how to go vegan through a plant-based diet.This does not cover beauty products, attending place like the zoo or circus. Those are coming soon.

OK let’s get started. Here’s a few steps to get started on a vegan diet now!

Step One

Understand your decision and stand by it.

Understand why you’re making this change. Most of us grew up eating meat. There came a time when every new vegan had that “light-switch” moment to make them change that. Veganism is 100% a lifestyle. It’s not just the food. Its changing your way of thinking and defending that with your purchases, your daily life, conversations, meals, and more. Going vegan is not just giving up meat. That’s vegetarian. Veganism is full circle. It is taking full control of what you support by eliminating all traces of animal products from your immediate life. While you might not be able to change your family’s thoughts, veganism shows that one person can make a difference today, and that’s what matters today.

Understand why you are vegan and remind yourself of that when temptation to go back to who you were before veganism starts. Is Thanksgiving coming around and feeling not so “vegan strong”? Remind yourself why you became vegan by watching a PETA video, talking to a vegan friend, and/or looking at old photos pre-vegan. Reminders are always encouraged!

Step Two

Get rid of non-vegan items.

You can donate unopened goods to local nonprofits. You can give away recently opened but still edible foods to friends or family, or trash them if you want.

To complete this step, replace these non-vegan items:

Non-vegan foods are animal prducts like regular hamburgers, pepperoni pizza, dairy cheese pizza, regular mayo, donuts, etc.


Exmaple of vegan foods: grains such as lentils and quinoa, fruits, veggies, tofu, beans, legumes and more.

Yes! Wow! There is no wonder vegans have so much energy and determination. Vegan food is good for your body, soul, and spirit. New vegans always report feeling lighter soon after the switch.

Step 2 is all about switching out everything non-vegan (animal products and by products) in your fridge with plant-based foods.

Completed step 2? Congrats! That’s the big vegan clean-out!

But now you’re hungry. Head down to step 3!

Step Three

Time to go grocery shopping!

Ready to buy new vegan food? If you’re on a frugal budget, Wal-Mart will have plenty of options for you. Just parade on down every aisle and looks for beans, grains, fruits, veggies, and vegan protein. Wal-Mart even has tofu!

So you have bit more to spend or don;t like Wal-Mart? Head on over to Kroger and begin at the natural section. The natural section host many meat substitutes such as veggies nuggets, vegan roast, veggie burgers, vegan waffles, and more. Find Gardein, Boca, and Q’uron products in the freezer of the natural section. All of your plant-based milks will be there also. If you’re looking for vegan cheeze, it will be in a small section in the produce aisle. You can also find vegan hotdogs and tofu in that section. Go crazy on fruits and veggies in the produce aisle.

If money not an issue, then hit up Whole Foods Market. They will have the most options such as vegan frozen pizza, vegan ice cream, gelato, food items such as fried tofu on the hot bar, cookies, and more. As you can tell, most of the foods won’t encourage cooking or eating healthy.

If you want to eat as healthy and frugal as possible, purchase food that you’ll cook at home from the grocery store instead of substitutes. An example of this: make a fresh pizza at home with the $1 Pizza Crust packets from Wal-Mart of Kroger, Pizza Sauce, and Daiya Cheeze Shreds. This will definitely save money and be delicious. See my list of vegan must haves below.

Grocery List for New Vegans

Must have grocery list of vegan goods!

You can find all of this at Wal-Mart and Kroger

  • Nut-milk (almond, soy, etc)
  • Rice
  • Beans (black beans, red, chickpeas)
  • Lentils
  • Quinoa
  • Can of tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Tofu
  • Oats
  • Potatoes
  • Red Pasta Sauce
  • Pasta noodles
  • Nutritional Yeast (buy in bulk at whole foods and spread on everything for a cheesy taste)
  • Cashews (optional to make vegan cheeze)
  • Vegan crumbles (optional, not a must have)
  • Your favorite veggies (squash, etc)

Step Four


If you’ve made it to this step, you have done so wonderful so far. You have all your new vegan goods all you need to do is out them together. Make a great meal! There’s a whole new world of vegan food you have yet to discover. Do so by diving right in and cooking for yourself. This is the best way to learn. A lot of people believe that going vegan means a lot of meal prepping. Nope.Nope. Nope. If you don’t want to meal prep, then buy these items and wing-it every night. Or plan your meals out in the first couple of weeks. Do what works for you but it is not a requirement of veganism.

2 weeks worth of dinner you can make with Step Three’s grocery list

Rice and Quinoa (boil together) with a side of beans and vegan crumbles
Kale salad with beans on top

Step Five

Find support.

Something worth mentioning; have a support person or people with you through this. Going Vegan is NOT hard. Doing it with people who don’t support you and your new lifestyle makes it difficult. If you don’t know anyone that’s vegan, join multiple Facebook groups. Here’s a few:
Find more Facebook groups by searching some in your area.
And that’s it folks! You can get through all of these steps in one day or a couple. The good thing about this is that you pick your own pace. Go vegan in a way that you will be successfully plant-based. Only you know how to do that.
So many people go vegan then after a year revert back to their old ways. Follow this guide but feel free to change it how you see fit.

Are you already vegan? How did YOU go vegan? Want to give it a try but hesitant? What’s holding you back? Let’s talk about it! Leave any more questions or comments below.

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