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Holy Radishes! Easy and healthy snack/appetizer for adults and kids.

Holy Radishes! Easy and healthy snack/appetizer for adults and kids.

There’s a radish making its way to the Top of the Veggie lIst, pushing Out Kale and coming I’m with a mild-tasking punch. Boom! It’s Daikon radish and it’s one hella huge plant! It is in a lot of Asian dishes, known to hipsters as that […]

Dope Vegan Spotlight: Dezy Saint/ Queen Phoenix

Dope Vegan Spotlight: Dezy Saint/ Queen Phoenix

This month’s Dope Vegan Spotlight (DVS) goes to woman whose strength embodies two powerful names: Dezy Saint or better known as Queen Phoenix. Dope. Black. Vegan. Spotlight. There’s three words to describe Dezy Saint: Dope. Black. Vegan. Breastfeeding Mom. Dezy Saint is also an activist, […]

What It Looks Like To Be Vegan on WIC

What It Looks Like To Be Vegan on WIC

Plant-based diet included in WIC

There’s a Special Supplemental Nutrition Program just for pregnant women, nursing moms, and infants/children under 5 years old. The mother must meet the income guidelines of the program in order to participate. This nutrition program is widely known as WIC. WIC stands for Women, Infant, and Children.This program has found a way to include vegans. Folks with plant-based diets are considered and given great options.

What is WIC?

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) is a federal assistance program of the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It provides healthcare and nutrition of low-income moms-to-be and moms with children under the age of 5.  WIC highly encourages breastfeeding and even provides free lactation consultants. WIC offices are usually located near areas where the clients live. In these areas, lactation consultants are scarce. That is why WIC is so important, as it gives this service of breastfeeding support to moms who would overwise be overlooked and given formula. That subject could be discussed in multiple blog post!

WIC also provides nutrition education, support, and of course, food. The food comes in a voucher. The voucher is then used at WIC approved stores to buy healthy food aimed to be cooked at home. WIC approved stores include Walmart, Kroger, and even the southern-famed, Piggly Wiggly.


Vegans aren’t left out


This program supports a diverse range of mothers and children by providing food packages that fit the mother’s lifestyle. Veganism is one of those included lifestyles! A vegan mother is able to get a WIC Food package that is strictly vegan. They removed the cheese, eggs, milk, and anything non vegan and replaced with plant-based favorites.

This is one grocery store haul on WIC:

Vegan WIC vouchers include many options

The average WIC Food Package includes milks, eggs, and cheese. The Vegan WIC includes TOFU (silken or firm), soymilk, and more. In one month, the vegan WIC Food package supplies three vouchers for the child. These vouchers might look like this if you are in TN:

Let’s take a closer look:

That’s $8 worth of fresh or frozen fruit and veggies.

6 half gallons of soymilk

4 packages of Tofu

2 64oz containers of Juice

2 Cereal Boxes or One Family Size Cereal

2 loaves of bread

And 8 cans of beans

All of them items are distributed into 3 different vouchers shown above. That’s a load of food! It’s very impressing to see an item such as tofu listed.

One of 3 vouchers:

For someone who isn’t able to it healthy alternatives for their child(ren) when we are in the land of $1 bag of chips and can soda, this is a great option. It’s fresh fruit, veggies, and beans, juice, and my all time favorite, tofu! The vouchers don’t function like food stamps, whereas a family could buy all of the groceries that they need. WIC’s a supplemental program that takes care of some of the food from a woman’s grocery list so that she is able to buy the rest.

One of the great things about this is that low-income vegans are able to maintain the plant-based diet and eat healthy.

Are you vegan and need nutrition assistance? WIC will welcome you! See there website here:



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