Dope Vegan Spotlight: Dezy Saint/ Queen Phoenix

This month’s Dope Vegan Spotlight (DVS) goes to woman whose strength embodies two powerful names: Dezy Saint or better known as Queen Phoenix.

Dope. Black. Vegan. Spotlight.

There’s three words to describe Dezy Saint: Dope. Black. Vegan. Breastfeeding Mom. Dezy Saint is also an activist, musician, and wellness coach. The activist who leads many in marches of protest and hope.She is stunningly beautiful from her fro, inside her soul, and down to her toes! This women is a powerhouse! People in her Colorado community and beyond know her as Queen Phoenix. On January 2017, she led hundreds of students in an Inauguration Day Protest throughout Denver, Colorado. QP started Community for Unity, an inclusive march against the Trump Election. It provided a space for people to join together and grieve, let out their anger peacefully, and give each other hope. Thousands showed up to march!I first saw Dezy in a breastfeeding group. Her pictures of publicly breastfeeding her beautiful baby stuck me. She walked in confidence, as shown through the photographs.

In honor or Black Breastfeeding Week, Dezy’s family took some beautiful shots, displaying unconditional love, strength, and bonding.

These photos are breathtakingly beautiful and unique. The comfort and bond of mother and baby are apparent.

When Dezy was pregnant with this beautiful breastfed baby, she had a gun pointed at her belly.

On the other side of the gun was a police officer that was previously undercover as a fellow protester, gathering information on QP. When it was time to make an unnecessary arrest, the unexpected happened:

“Next thing I know, I see a gun out of the corner of my eye. I turn around and there’s a police officer pointing a gun at my stomach with a twitching trigger finger. Now, I’m six-feet tall, so it’s very clear to me that this gun was being purposely pointed at my pregnant belly. Two squad cars were parked directly behind my vehicle as more cops pile out. I immediately put my hands up (I knew that if I had even reached for my phone to record that I would not be here to tell this story). My heart didn’t even skip a beat because in my mind I was innocent of everything except falling into a devious trap. I put my hands on their car and turned to see that my innocent passenger had a gun in their face, hands up and was out of my vehicle too. I prayed for them to be safe and that the officers wouldn’t trigger them into doing anything that would provoke any violence. As they searched and handcuffed me, they did not read me or my passenger our rights. Instead, they told me they had a search warrant for my house and that they would break down the door if I didn’t give them my keys (which they had already confiscated from me.) They led me to a police vehicle on the other side of the parking lot to separate me from my passenger. Meanwhile, Eva (or Officer Jessica DelaRow) was seen giving celebratory hugs to the other officers. They allowed me to sit in the vehicle without assistance – because they clearly knew they were doing this to a pregnant person. In the car, there was a printed photo of my family that was taken off of facebook. No one was telling me anything about my arrest at all. Nonetheless, I thanked the driving officer for not being violent with us.”


Dezy is being targeted for being a peaceful protester. Denver Police search her home, trashing survelleince cameras and seizing protest and activism plans.

They even got caught with a subscription to a very powerful software tool called Geofeedia which monitors all social media sites.

It is too often that we hear about police brutality in the black community.

Going as far as to raise a gun at the fetus of a woman and in the face of a bystander shows not only fear, but evil. One cannot begin to imagine the healing that has to occur after such an event. Queen Phoenix and her family are raising money for a good defense attorney to represent them and bring justice to her case.


You can support Queen Phoenix and her family by visiting this page.

And with this, I will close with a recent, raw, yet poetic Facebook post from the Queen herself:

Oct 11, 2017 11:13AM

“Thank you all for the birthday wishes this week! It has been the most challenging and rewarding year on Earth yet. I also want to take the time to thank y’all for the support you’ve showered our family with throughout this past year. Now, it’s time for us to focus on protective, positive energy.

With trial starting next week, I want to let y’all know that I will not be using facebook anymore. I have many reasons for this decision and it’ll be in effect almost immediately for our family’s safety and sanity. However, I would like to stay in touch with a lot of you. If you feel the same way, please send me your email address so I can reach out for future plans of action after trial.

Please keep our family in your thoughts as I will keep all of you in mine. No matter what happens, I will always practice peaceful activism and healing. I live for each and every one of you. Let’s continue to build community, defend each other, heal ourselves, and just be kind to one another.

Remember: we are all different shades of Earth. <3 <3 <3”


You can donate directly to this family Witt this PayPal link:

As always, comment your thoughts below. Let’s talk.

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