Holy Radishes! Easy and healthy snack/appetizer for adults and kids.

There’s a radish making its way to the Top of the Veggie lIst, pushing Out Kale and coming I’m with a mild-tasking punch. Boom! It’s Daikon radish and it’s one hella huge plant! It is in a lot of Asian dishes, known to hipsters as that ingredient pickled in kimchi. Daikon is so much more than a fermented drink though, it’s also a delicious snack or appetizer. I have paired the mild taste of Daikon with the subtly sweet taste of none other than sweet potatoes. Paired together, they are a match made in heaven for kids and adults. This is also a yummy appetizer for guests.

The Daikon, which literally translates to “Big Root” is consumed and harvested in South Asia. I was lucky to buy it from the Growing Together Program of The Nashville Food Project.


  • 1 Daikon Radish
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil (or other oil)
  • Nutritional yeast flakes (optional)

Step One

Wash the Radish and sweet potatoes 🍠 then lay on a cutting board. Preheat oven to 350°

Step Two

Slice the Daikon thinly.  Cut the sweet potatoes into slices (pictured) and set aside.

Step Three

Toss the slices in just enough oil to cover them all on both sides. Keep them in two separate piles.

Step Four

Place the Daikon slices on a lightly oiled oven pan. Spread out so that none of them are on top of the other. Cook the Daikon in oven for 4 minutes on 350° then remove.

Step Five

Add the sweet potato slices to the pan with the Daikon. Add salt, small amount of pepper, and nutritional yeast flakes to the slices on the baking sheet. Spread them out. Place back in oven.

The Daikon should be half way done when adding the sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes cook faster and this method gives them a chance to cook on the same pan as Daikon. You can also cook on two separate pans and remove the sweet potatoes from the oven earlier. 


Step six

Cook the slices for about 7 more minutes for a softer texture. Leave in oven 5 minutes longer to create chips. Daikon has a chewy texture after cooking so as suggested in the previous steps, let it cook a few minutes earlier.

Step seven

That’s it! Eat and enjoy. Save the leftovers for another day.


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