What It Looks Like To Be Black and Vegan on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. The holiday that brings family together to gather around food. The food is usually very meat-heavy: chicken, turkey, and ham. That’s three different types of animals! Cows aren’t excluded, don’t forget about that macaroni, a staple in the black family for Thanksgiving. So where does this leave the non-meat eating vegans?

Vegans are Vampires

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that is most dreaded by brand new vegans. Being set in a room full of foods that they just cut out can be hard.

It’s a tempting scene straight from Twilight. a New vampires keeping their morals by not resisting the temptation and feeding on humans, in this case, vegans resisting feeding on animals.

There are so many meat alternatives today because of the rising demand for vegan food. In fact, a lot of stores, such as Trader Joe’s completely sold out of the Tofurky , a plant-based alternative to an actual dead turkey.

Being black and vegan on Thanksgiving means that the food is seasoned, delicious, cruelty-free, healthy, and “taste so good make you wanna slap yo’ mama” worthy. Of course, aside from all the positive effects of eating plant-based, you will leave completely satisfied in your plate-full of flavor. So, what does it look like to be black and vegan on Thanksgiving?

Black Vegan Thanksgiving Meals

This is what you call a Thanksgiving spread !!!! Ashlee did her thang!!!

This yummy plate was prepared by Odela Cook! All vegan and completely mouth-watering!

Check out this food from Shawnte aka Natural Vegan Mama. Find the recipe to this plus more soul food on this YouTube channel! You can also follow Shawnte on instagram.


  Netra of Nashvilles Black Vegans threw down with Mac & Cheese, Dressing (with Cranberry Sauce), Collards, Candied Sweet Potatoes & roasted a Field Roast (with vegetable broth, thyme & garlic).


And then there’s the mother of all 100% vegan spreads….

This one’s made by Dr. Bradley, we’ve got it all: mashed potatoes, stuffed chicken rolls (faux chicken), yams, the works!

All About the Options

The options for vegan Thanksgiving foods are endless: Mac and Cheeze, lentil loaf, stuffing, roasted Brussel spouts, kale or collard greens, stuffed butternut squash, yams, tofu casserole, potato salad, cornbread, roasted cauliflower, and more!

So, if you ever get invited to a black vegans house for Thanksgiving, accept the invitation! You’ll leave feeling full but also energetic. Just in time for Black Friday, if you’re into that.’

Side Note and Advice

Everyone knows that black “aunties” (anyone really) on Thanksgiving can be funny, loving, but also sometimes judgemental. This holiday is the hardest time for vegans not because of the food but because of the normalized gathering around the dead animals, aka meat. 😔 During holidays, just remember the difference you’re making with animals, the whole earth, and your health! Although family can sometimes be tough to deal with because they want the best for you and don’t understand that being vegan is the best! Anyways……here’s some humor lol ….

What’s your Vegan Thanksgiving Clapbacks? Comment below!

Want to try out Veganism? Check out this simple step by step guide to go vegan right now or read about why I finally chose veganism. 

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    • I decided not to do alot of cooking this year so I only made a Tofu Pot Pie and strawberry cake. My sis did the stuffing. We were pretty much full from that but maybe we’ll do a whole spread next year!

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