Vegan Baby Genius, Weekend Study Session

1 Year Old

At 18 months, my daughter, Rylan, is genius! Or at least I think so! She potty trained, lovessss her veggies, counts to 13, and sings her ABCS. She also knows animal sounds. Most importantly, she is the happiest and most energetic baby around. She’s full of life and absolutely loves to learn.

So Proud

A little time after my daughter turned 1, she knew how to count to 10 and recite her ABCs. We were in the Habitat for Humanity Restore when she blurted out “1, 2, 3” all the way to ten. Like any other parent obsessed with their kid, I immediately whipped out my phone to document the moment. I was so surprised but also extremely proud. Before this day, I never actually sat down with her to teach her ABCs and how to count. I always thought she was too young. Maybe she picked it up from daycare!  I posted that “crazed parent recording her child recite her knowledge” to Facebook and received a great response.

Still going

Today, she is potty trained and so excited to learn more.

This morning, after eating savory Korean pancakes filled with veggies, we worked on her skills even more!

Throughout the video, she attempts to breastfeed. Yes, at 18 months, my child is still a boob-baby, loving to nurse!

Sunday morning are always the best.

Our study session basically consist of repetition of the things she knows and sometimes throwing in something new.
Now that she can verbally count to 13-ish, we will start putting faces to those numbers and visually counting objects.

Are you the parent of a tot or infant?

Watch the above videos with your little one everyday and they will start to repeat the numbers and letters!

Her village

The things she knows, I cannot take credit for. It truly takes a village to raise a child. Her Mimi is a teacher and supports her, her daycare is amazing and continually educates the kids in creative ways, lastly, Rylan stays focused and loves to have people read her books.


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