The Life Cycle of a Vegan


“The Life Cycle of a vegan isn’t the same as a normal measurement of a person’s life span. There’s a beginning but no end, just continual growth.”



Life Cycle is a What?

A Life Cycle is the series of changes in the life of an organism. These changes that an organism goes through happens in different rates, sometimes slow and steady, gradual, or as fast as marking things off a checklist. It is also possible for the life cycle not to go in its correct order, taking steps backs or steps forward. The stages aren’t requirements; instead; they provide an idea and understanding.


Stages of Veganism

There is a big difference between a 1 year vegan and even a 2 year vegan. The same for a 2 year vegan and a 5 year vegan. While this might not seem like a big change in time, it is. In one year of veganism, a person goes through “training”. In this training, they learn the, for lack of better terms, “do’s and don’ts” of veganism. By year two, that training is over and they would have found a whole new world of foods. This is usually matched with a love of cooking those new foods.


The Life Cyle of A Vegan

The Life Cycle of a vegan isn’t the same as a normal measurement of a person’s life span. There’s a beginning but no end, just continual growth. It starts with a person’s vegan birth (stage 1) and ends with the not death, but the discorvery of who they are through Veganism.

The Life Cycle of a vegan is all about the occurences and recurrences. What happens when a person goes vegan, what are the stages, and how it differs from person to person. It does differ, but this “life cycle” is actually a very loose representation of the stages that people go through when they convert to a plant-based, cruelty free life. Like many summaries, The Life Cycle, is unpredictable. Although rare, some people could go from stage 1 to stage 4. These people are mainly children of vegn parents, or used to eating healthy already. Some people have never went thorugh some stages, and in a sense, “skipped a grade”. This is not the formula for all vegans, but gives a great idea of how going vegan works for some people.


The 4 stages in a Vegan’s Life Cycle:


Stage 1

Almost,Mostly,Somewhat Vegan

You like the idea of being vegan. You may or may not be vegan yet, but you have an image of a new and improved you, through a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle. You don’t know much about veganism but you know vegans don’t eat meat and you’re cool with that. You want to go vegan but don’t know where to start! You cut out most meat from your diet but sometimes make a mistake in eating non-vegan foods. You might be vegetarian and ready to take the next step. You are very ready for that plant-based life!

Stage 2

Transitional Vegan

You have decided to become vegan. Since you grew up eating meat, you go to the vegan-version of foods you know. Krogers is one of your first stops for grocery shopping. You visit Walmart for the meatless options or find yourself in the Kroger natural aisle for all of your meat substitutes. You eat a wide variety of soy burgers, soy nuggets, veggie hot dogs, fries, and other easy warm up vegan meals. Spaghetti makes an appearance often. Your beauty and makeup products might not be cruelty free, as you are focusing on a plant-based diet.

Stage 3

Hella Vegan

Your diet now consists of a lot of veggies such as Kale. You also consume vegan substitutes and vegan protein like tofu. You cook mostly during the week, but also warm up a good veggie burger. You haven’t given up the vegan honeybuns and other vegan junk foods, but still manage to eat pretty healthy. You are 50/50 with your products. Most of your skin and hair care products are cruelty free, but you still buy some products without the bunny sign.

Stage 4


Chickpeas, black beans, sweet potatoes, and all type of veggies make you salivate on sight! You eat substitutes very rarely and consume an abundance of fruits, veggies, grains, and legumes. You might even juice/make smoothies once a week. You understand that protein comes from many sources such as beans and green leafy veggies. You cook every night, or eat at various vegan restaurants. All of your beauty products are cruelty free. Your household cleaners are even plant-based. You own no clothing made from an animal. You openly disapprove of zoos, the circus, and animals used for any kind of profit. You have joined a local vegan group. Every other instagram post is about animal rights. You, my friend, are vegan AF!


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