Are Vegans More Confident? Eat Your Veggies and Love Your Self, “Why I’m Vegan” Viral Video

There’s a video circulating the internet about veganism in the black community. It’s only 58 seconds long, but the knowledge spoken in the video by a man named Elijah Miles is timeless. In the video, he correlates self-love with eating healthy, specifically through a plant-based diet. That got my attention. Lets dive into self-love and talk about how diet, people, and things affect it.

The Video That Sparked This Conversation


“Yes, I’ve been vegan for a little while now and people always say, “Yo, Why you vegan?”. It’s real simple. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the way black people eat doesn’t benefit us. We lead the country in heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes. So even if we make it to see 21, even if we beat the streets, it’s unlikely that we will make it to see a comfortable 80 or a comfortable 90, just because the way that we eat. So, I eat the way that I eat because its a measure of self-love. But, bigger than that, more importantly than that, I eat the way that I eat because I love my people. I want to see 80, I want to see 90, because I know at that age, I’ll have wisdom, knowledge, experience, and that type of thing has to be passed on to the young so that they don’t make the same mistakes that we made and we can progress as a people. So, I not only need to be here, you need to be here. So, do yourself a favor, do us a favor, and don’t eat yourself to death.”

After watching this video, I was blown away. Elijah spoke so many truths in under 60 seconds. Many of those truths I didn’t even realize actually explained my life until the clip appeared on my feed. The biggest part that stood out to me was when he spoke of self-love, “I eat the way that I eat because its a measure of self-love”. After I heard that, I said to myself, “man thats it, that explains me to the T.” This is one of the reasons why being a vegan is so easy.


Unleaded and Premium


In college at Fisk University, I worked hard to obtain 2 degrees in 4 years. Now, that was achieved through hard work, partying of course, but also aligning myself with my own goals. In that time, I learned a new love for myself.  I even went vegan. That was done for ethical reasons, but along that, I understood that eating plant-based was healthier.

Once I realized my body, an earthly vehicle, needed and thrived on Premium-Grade Gas and not that “87 unleaded” mess I had been eating, I stuck with the plant-based foods. If I continued to feed my vehicle 87 gas, I wouldn’t live a well and as Elijah says it, comfortable life to see 80 or 90.  Now that I truly realize that “premium gas”, or vegan lifestyle, is also better for the environment, causes less suffering to fellow beings, and makes me feel and live healthier, I can never go back. So, seeing how the video explain this in a very real way, was breathtaking to me.

Love and Self-Love, A Full Circle

Everything we do is like a circle. What we eat, what we put into our bodies (chemicals, drugs, etc), who we surround ourselves with, who we give our time and commitment to, our emotions to,our hobbies and our habits, it all comes back to the love and respect we have for self.

When you don’t love and respect yourself, you think your “unleaded” and not premium, so, you input unleaded quality things into your life (people, food, etc).

The things that we do with our time, whether it be limited or of excess (extra time) all goes back to I respect and I love. That includes the people that we entertain, the things we do, and more.



When we give a huge contribution of our time to people who do not deserve it, then we think that we deserve to waste our time. When we love and respect ourself, we understand that our time is precious. If we let people take advantage of the time we give them, wasting time, then we go through life with this habit, resulting in a lifetime waisted.

Have a lifetime of memories with the correct people, after learning from the mistake of trusting unworthy people.

We don’t let the wrong people intervene with our peace. We protect our peace by any means.


When we love people who do not truly love us we think that is all that we deserve. If we actually love ourselves, and become patient and watchful, then the unexpected happens. That is the moment of being full and meeting someone else that “full”, creating two glasses of water that can be combined seamlessly. Note, I didn’t say two half cups of water poured into one glass. Nope. That’s not complete, whole love. Its two people trying to fill gaps within their self with someone else. I’ve been there more than once and it only resulted in toxic relationships.

When we love ourselves fully than we fully understand our worth.

If we give our intimacy away like pennies on the street, then we believe our worth is one cent instead of the priceless human beings that we are.

Self love is reflected in the people we love. When its present in us, its present in how we are able to fully love someone else with our whole self.

Actions and Things

Self-love and self-hate is present in the things that we do to ourselves or ourselves and everything in between.
Self-hate is revealed by doing actions that could harm our self or life in the short or long-run. Self-love is present when we are caring for our body and mind and protecting them from harm.


 So what to do now?

Figure out if self-love or self-hate is more present in your life then self-reflect.
Look at your life and yourself. If you are unhappy, unhealthy, and ready to be abundant in energy and fell great, consider a plant-based lifestyle. Ingesting foods that died screaming or in pain leaves one feeling the same. I call it karma. Ingesting plants that the Earth feeds from its soil has so many benefits, that when eating it,one is caring for themselves. Remember, love your body so much that you only give it premium gas.

Look out for the next blog post highlighting “Why I Went Vegan”, Elijah Miles!

How do you show self-love?



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