Those That Eat Animals Become The Animals That Those Eat, A Theory

This is Now

This post is one that’s been sitting on my computer for a while. I have hesitated to post this, knowing it will make people angry. That hesitation ends today.

As a writer, I won’t fear other’s thoughts as I write my own. They are my thoughts, projected to this blog. I hope that my tone finds you well today. So, let’s go back to a few weeks ago and read what was on my mind.

On My Mind In March

“Those that eat animals become the animals that those eat.”

It is 2:00pm. Just a second ago, I was browsing my Instagram story when I came across this.
This image stopped me from scrolling. It should stop anyone in their tracks.
You don’t need to know the story of this animal to feel emotions of sadness and worry but can you correlate those emotions to another type of animal, say, a cow?
You see, that dog was rescued from a slaughterhouse overseas. It’s one of thousands that die every day in the asian market. Someone in this country might think:
We do this ever single day in America. The animal agriculture industry and previous generations have normalized eating some animals while treasuring others. It’s not the same in every country. In America, we impregnate the cow, kill the baby and eat it (veal), then steal the milk. This happens numerous times to the same cow, stealing baby after baby, right out the womb, until the cow can no longer produce. Then it is sent to the slaughterhouse.
These emotions have overcome me, so now, I write. I write in sadness and looking through a peephole for hope, while suppressing serious anger.
There’s a small theory that has been in the back of my mind for a couple of years now. It a theory that I am not 100% sure of, rather, it’s a what if”.
So, here’s my what if.
What if the animals that are suffering here on Earth, like the cows, are reincarnated rapist, molesters, and murderers? What if one of the animals being beaten in a slaughter-house by the punch of a worker, was actually a reincarnated animal abuser. What if the sheep within a breeding facility, being chained down, legs open and turned upside down to be forcibly impregnated is actually the reincarnated child molester, getting his/her conviction.
Now this theory breeds a lot more questions:
Could this mean that hell is actually on Earth among the living?
It could. And it couldn’t. Some believe that Heaven is actually on Earth. To that belief, so could Hell.
So does this make animal rights irrelevant? These people deserve to be punished!

What if animals had a nasty taste? And Other Questions.

OK here’s the question I struggle with myself. If my theory was true, then bad people are getting punished for the bad things that they did. People support this process without a “reincarnation slaughterhouse theory”. They eat slaughtered animals to please their taste buds and that’s the only reason. Cut out the protein and bacon excuses and get right down to it; some people eat animal flesh because they like the way it taste. Think about it. What if animals actually had a nasty taste? Would those same people say that they need it for nutrition, especially when you can get it in abundance and in a cleaner way from plants? So would the people consuming murdered-for-your-tastebuds animals be considered the “bad people”. Would those people end up reincarnated as their last meal? Could they be on the slaughter-block next? Would their souls need to be replenished with an eye-opening experience? Maybe.
So, does this make animal rights irrelevant? No. The more people we get to live a peaceful and earth loving life in which all beings are loved and respected for equally, the more people we would, theoretically, save from the slaughterhouse.
Could this mean that vegans are saving the world?
Indeed! The answer to the last questions states this. Vegans are superheroes by means of supporting our fellow humans into a plant-based diet and bring them into a peaceful and loving life. So go on, text a vegan and tell them thank you!
No unfortunately,
Animals are still being murdered at alarming rates. The easiest thing that you can do for them, is to Go Vegan.  
By doing this, you stop funding slaughterhouses, rapist, and animal abusers and start funding peaceful organizations such as your local vegan restaurant.

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