Let’s Get Real: Troy Fairbanks and Celibacy

Troy, oh Troy

Ok. I just finished watching the Netflix Series Season 2 Episode 7. The “Troy Fine-as-FAWK” Episode.

Throughout the episode, Troy FAF Fairbanks, is searching for himself. At the end, I start to question myself. Now I don’t know if this is my natural empathy of lead characters in anything on TV or me actually questioning, who the heck am I but I decided to head on over to the blog.


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So who am I?


I’m going to type this up unedited, as it is flowing out, now, at 11:42am.

There’s been many times that I stop writing what I want to write for fear of others reading it.


Sick, Celibate, and Horny?

I’m freaking sick of monitoring myself. I haven’t written a good post in weeks because of what’s been going in my life. So you want to hear it? You, whoever you are, you’re here for a reason. You want to hear how I’ve been and what I’m really feeling. Well, here it is:




I’m not saying that to be sexual. I’m saying it because this is MY space. I don’t care if you’re a male or female, colleague or relative. When you’re in my space, I won’t censor myself anymore.


Ok. Back to that feeling.


I’m celibate. Well, at least not on purpose. You see, I’m not one for casual sex. I must have feelings.

And man, I’ve been single for a while now.


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Oh, and to let ya in on a secret: going vegan totally awakens your inner sexuality. It’s like a portal is unlocked that give you gems full of glowing energy.


In Troy’s room..

So, back to Dear White People.

Throughout the whole episode, I’m thinking of Troy Freaking Fairbanks fine self being in my city, or in his fictional room…

Whew if only that was a possibility.

And to think I was stood up by you, DF. Won’t ask again.

Ok, this blog post is getting crazy, and typing these words are making the celibacy worse. So, I’m going to stop. Here I am, already starting to regret typing this one. Wondering if I should publish…….


hahahhahaha. YES.


Wondering what else I’ve been up to? Check out www.radrab.com, my new company!

Welp, back to Tinder to message random dudes about nothing and be sorely disappointed ;-).

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