Fruit Detox: One Week of Eating Nothing but Fruit

Fruit Detox

After listening to a Facebook Live interview with internationally renowned doctors and cofounders of Electric Health  Dr. Amsu and Dr. Amun. During the interview, the duo talked about getting rid of toxins, resetting and cleansing the body through detox. I grew interested and asked them a specific question, “I’m 5’4″ and 110lbs. I want to detox, but don’t want to lose weight.” They suggested, instead of doing a fast or juice cleanse, that I do a fruit detox and eat avocados because they’re high in fat. Thus, begins my detox…

I’ve been putting this off for awhile now so it feels great to actually bring this into fruition. See what I did there? haha!

Budget: $58 on fruit at Kroger for the week.

Day 1:


Breakfast: Avocado, Banana, Mango, and a cup of almond/cashew milk.
Mid-Breakfast: Coffee!!!!
After 1 minute of google research, I discovered that coffee is indeed a fruit. I’m not exhausted, but drinking something less colorful sounds intriguing to me right now. I am only a few hours into this detox and already feeling ready to eat the vegan  mac and cheeze in the fridge.
How I feel: Energetic, satisfied, but wanting something heavier like I am used to. I am ready for a hard cup of coffee full of milk and sugar. What a miracle, the coffee just appeared! Its warm! A warm cup of anything
What I did: This morning at  5 AM I drove from Knoxville to Nashville. I dropped Rylan off then out of nowhere ended up at Kroger shopping for fruit instead of the milk and cereal that I usually buy for the remainder of the week.


Lunch: Avocado, bite of a nectarine, angelcot
How I feel: I found a burrito in my bag that I brought in from out of town, along with a ton of other leftover food. I am feeling very hungry for warm heavy food. The avocado wasn’t very ripe since I bought it today. However, I got some great food ideas from people in the office: salsa (no onions), cantaloupe with salt, tree nuts, durain, and lychee. I am definitely going to try some of those, starting with homemade salsa on some type of fruit.Other fruit that I somehow overlooked: jackfruit, olives, and fruit from the international market.
This week will be full of discovery.
I am worried about the temptation of taking a bite out of the food that I feed my daughter, Rylan, because she’ll eat regular hot vegan food.
What I did: Jasmyn (friend and co-worker) and I took a 1 mile lap while I attempted to eat a nectarine. I am not a fan of this so took a bite and threw it out. $3.99 waisted, but maybe someone else will eat it.
What I’m going to buy to eat later because I’m “dying” right now:
pumpkin puree


Afternoon snack: Hand full of almonds thanks to a coworker. That’s it.
How I feel: Hungry. Shaking a bit and a little dizzy. Ready for real food.
What I did: I walked up to a friend upon seeing them for the first time in a few days and said, “hey, got some almonds?” That was very rude and I am not happy with myself but I am in survival mode right now. I am also thinking very heavily about that Taco Bell bean, rice, and guac burrito downstairs. This is also the first day that I have numerous lunches (leftovers from out of town) so this is actually killing me. I eat almost 10 times a day, no joke.


Dinner: Mixed fruit, cashew butter, and banana smoothie.
Raw zucchini slices with tomoatoes on top.


 I left home to take care of Radical Rabbit business. When I return home from being out in the heat for about 1.5 hours, I shower then put Rylan to sleep. After awhile, I start feeling sick, weak, and frail. I’m unable to get out of bed. I remember the dinner that Rylan didn’t finish: Fried Heart of Palm sticks and mac and cheeze. Its her leftover from dinner so it was sitting out all day. I walk into the kitchen, disgusted at this point with fruit, and devour one hand of mac and cheeze, one piece of fried cauliflower bite, and the rest of the fried heart of palm stick. I also eat a handful of almonds and the rest of the smoothie. Man, I feel great right now! Yes, I cheated, but tomorrow’s a new day!

DAY 2, I cheated, again!! Still going!

Breakfast: Avocado, orange, banana, cashew milk

Lunch: Grapefruit with coconut sugar, zucchini chop, banana, almonds.

1pm Snack: Walnuts, Almonds, coffee

3pm Snack: Strawberries (sandwhich bag full)

Dinner: Frozen Mixed Berry, Frozen banana, Frozen Jackfruit, Date, and cashew smoothie inside of a fresh coconut topped with cashews, walnuts, poppy seeds and mint.

How I feel: Way better than yesterday. I am feeling a little bit hungry but very alive and awake and very energetic. I am seeing changes already. I had little to no body odor after sweaty a lot today. ALL OVER my body. The fruit is giving me smell of flowers! I also felt hungry yet energetic. Having more energy is major for me, as I have been exhausted.

What I did: OK today, someone placed 3 huge pieces of Whole Foods sweet cornbread on my desk at work. I resisted the temptation to eat it until about 1pm. I took a huge bite out of it and then another, and one more, then stopped. I didn’t finish the piece. In a matter of minutes, I felt sick to my stomach with a headache. It went away within the hour, but I instantly regretted taking those bites of the bread.

Another trip to the store was due to keep me on this track. Aldi had 36 cent avocados and a ton of other fruit I had been looking for such as eggplants, sweet peppers, and lemons for a drink. I absolutely love avocados so I grabbed a ton to freeze for later.

I am seeing a lot of benefits from cleansing already. I can’t wait to see more within days.

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