Where Women Walk Writing Assignment “My Weird Happy Place”

My Weird Happy Place

Okay you guys so I am about to reveal my obsession. This is something that makes me happy and brings my energy up no matter what mood I am in and it is The Office. 

Yes, The Office the tv show starring Steve Carell. You guys when I say Michael Scott is my spirit animal and Dwight Schrute is my long lost uncle. This is crazy right, but this is my 4th time binge watching the season so call me crazy. Related image

I love this show so much because it literally is multiple real life journeys presented in the most obscure and silly ways. I am weird and silly so everything just speaks to me. 

After a long day of work and my 45 min drive home all I want to do is plop in bed and watch Jim and Pam slowly fall in love. Watch Michael Scott’s goofy attempt to bringing peace but backfiring. I love watching Jim’s pranks on Dwight and Dwight’s oh so serious demeanor about everything from battle star Galactica, his beet farm, and his also very smart entrepreneurial ventures. 

This is my show. I do not honestly know how I could love such a show but it has made me laugh so hard I could not stand and cry so hard I had to turn it off. 

The Office touches a lot about social norm and I believe it to be a very educational show when it comes to how people act, judging, and simple accepting people for who they are. 

So that is my weird happy place, what about yours. 

For the writing contest I want you ladies to speak on one of your weird happy places either by poem, a short story, or descriptive as I just done mine. I do not want it to be about a particular person in your life but more of an object, place, or thing that every time you visit make you the utmost happy. 

Myself and my moderator @Marie Destiny will personally read over all of them and will judge according for the most authentic and well put together essay. Making us laugh will be plus and ones that create lot of discussions in the comments will be considered highly as well. You may add pictures to help your audience. 

I don’t want it to necessarily be a voting situation because some stories could go unseen, but know we will review all of them. 

And Remember this is you weird happy place something that brings you joy so do not over think it. 

We will close the assignment next Monday at 12pm CST time sharp so this week is plenty for you ladies to participate and still you have time to invite other to join. Please Post your entry directly on the group page Where Women Walk and once approved it should be on the wall. 

I will announce the winners Thursday night 12/6 and pay out reward Friday morning via Cash App. 

As your host I am super excited and hope you guys find humor and even healing with this first writing assignment. I did not want it to be too deep or too complicated. Good luck ladies!

P.S. we must have at least 10 participants for there to be a first AND second prize winner. Less then 10 will result in just a first prize winner. Thank You Have fun writing.

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